Quick Two Pager

Why do you want to put a contract in place? You might think it’s because you want to memorialize the terms you’re agreeing to so that you can enforce them sometime down the road- if you have to. The problem with that is that the terms you want to memorialize are not the kind of things that usually give rise to a lawsuit. You want to put the price and the payment terms, the date and maybe a renewal provision. Since you’ve likely already agreed on that stuff in e-mails, invoices, letters, etc. you really already have a written memorial of that stuff. But what about what happens when the unforeseen occurs and something goes wrong? The first thing you’ll ask is “what does it say in the contract” and it’s my job to make sure that the answer is not “Nothing- that’s not addressed here”. That’s why you don’t want to insist on a “short two pager”, but rather, insist that the pertinent bases are covered even if it makes it long and full of “legalese”.